Salt Lake City Gun Safe Movers

A typical gun safe can weigh anywhere between 300 lbs. and 2,000 lbs. which makes moving items, like a heavy gun safe, difficult and dangerous, especially if you don’t have the proper training or lack the appropriate equipment.

We only move gun-safes up to 600 pounds, but will refer you to a third-party for larger gun-safes.

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Our professional gun safe movers at Two Man Movers want to help you create a secure gun safe relocation plan by:

  • Moving your gun safe into or out of your home without injury or damage
  • Using proper equipment such as dollies, ratchet straps and tie-downs
  • Using site protection for your property to protect it while we move your safe
  • Using protective materials for the safes protection including blanket and shrink wrap
  • Maneuvering around tricky obstacles and flights of stairs

If you’re looking for “gun safe movers in my area”, see why our customers choose a company like Two Man Movers:

  • We have more than 20 years of moving and storage experience
  • Our dedicated customer service values haven’t changed since 1999
  • We’re Interstate Agents of Bekins Moving
  • We have in-home and virtual estimates
  • We are fully licensed, bonded and insured

Simply contact a Two Man Movers gun safe moving professional by filling out our estimate form or call us today at (888) 684-7869 to schedule your gun safe move.

Unfortunately, not every moving company can efficiently handle a gun-safe relocation. Luckily for you, Two Man Movers & Storage wants to help!

Our local gun safe movers are trained to use special handling skills and proper tools to safely haul and load difficult-to-move objects, like gun safes. We are a family-owned company with more than 20 years of experience with specialty moves, so you will have peace of mind that our crew understands the ins and outs of moving a heavy item efficiently, quickly and without injury or damage done to you or your property.

No matter how many stairways, narrow hallways or other areas are tricky to navigate, you can trust in Two Man Movers to help you find a way to safely relocate your heavy belongings.

How Two Man Movers Protects You, Your Property & Your Gun Safe

If you don’t have experience moving items that weigh more than 300 lbs., you’re likely to encounter more issues than just some sore muscles. Fortunately, Two Man Movers has been moving thousands of heavy, bulky and awkward items since 1999. That means that we have the experience and stamina to wrap, pad, haul and transport your heavier items with ease, ensuring you, your property and your belongings remain safe and secure.

Let our experienced moving crew handle your gun safe by:

  • Hauling it into, or out of, your home safely
  • Using proper moving equipment to move the gun safe including dollies, ratchet straps and tie-downs to secure the safe during transport
  • Protecting your home using site protection materials like floor runners to avoid tracking in outside debris or dirt
  • Using protective materials to blanket wrap and shrink wrap the safe for its own protection
  • Navigating tricky obstacles such as multiple stairs, narrow hallways and more

Preparing Your Gun Safe for Moving Day

If you take the time to prepare your gun safe before our movers arrive, it can make it that much easier for us to secure your safe and move it quickly. That’s why we’ve compiled a few tips to help you help us move your safe smoothly:

  • Remove the valuables in your safe. Including the guns themselves and any ammunition.
  • Because we are legally required not to move your guns (even if they’re family heirlooms), we recommend that they be kept alongside you or within your home, including ammo.
  • If your gun safe is affixed to a wall, floor or another surface, please allow us easy access to the bolts.
  • Clear a path and ensure all entryways to and from the safe’s origin and destination are free and clear of debris.
  • If there are stairs to navigate, we need to know how many flights our movers will be traversing.
  • As always, during your initial estimate consultation, let us know how much the safe weighs.

Though these tips are merely suggestive, it can go a long way to help Two Man Movers create a stress-free gun safe moving experience.

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