How to Choose the Best Movers

Moving can be one of the biggest decisions of your life. The stress of a new house and starting fresh can be daunting. That is why most people hire a moving company in the first place, to make sure their possessions are not an addition to the moving stress equation. However, selecting the best movers is always difficult. Whether you are moving across town or across the country making sure that your valuables find their new home in a secure and timely manner is important while you are picking the best moving company.

Knowing how to find a good moving company begins with finding the right questions to ask. Start with these 8 questions below to figure out whether your next moving company is reliable when you need them to be before you sign your name on the contract.

1. What’s their service area?

How far your move is is an important to factor in whether the company can do the job or not. Some professional moving companies can only handle jobs that are within a specific radius of their business. Choose good movers that are within range to re-locate you to the area you are moving to.

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2. Is your company affiliated with a national moving network?

Establishing whether your potential moving company is an agent of a national moving network is the best way to make sure your job is done professionally. Having a company that is a national agent assures you that the moving company you choose has the resources available to complete the job. These companies must keep quality standards up to maintain their status within their respective association. That is why moving & storage companies like Two Man Movers & Storage are reliant on maintaining trust with their clients. Otherwise they will not be able to keep their A+ status with the Better Business Bureau® as well as hold their Certified ProMover status with the American Moving & Storage Association.

3. What services do they offer?

Moving can always create unwelcome surprises that you might have to tackle. That is why it is pivotal when you are selecting the best movers they are as flexible as you are. For example, your piano or pool table might not be so easy to transport as you once thought. So you might want to choose a company that can pack supplies as well.

Your timeline might move up and you no longer have time to clean your house anymore. In that case, find a moving company that can provide a declutter service.

Or you might have moved that L-shaped couch easily from your house but can’t figure out how to move it to its new home on the 2nd floor. Find a company that performs loading/unloading services as well.

4. Are they cleared to move military service members?

Being able to access military bases is important when you factor in that there are over 2 million Americans are in our armed forces and reserves. A moving company that has employees that are already verified with the Armed Forces makes sure there are no delays when you are on a tight schedule. Making sure that our service members and their families can get the creature comforts of home no matter where they are stationed is important to us at Two Man Movers & Storage.

Even if you might not be moving on or off a base this is a good way to figure out whether your moving companies’ employees have up-to-date background checks. You want your next mover to have records of their employees for your safety and the safety of your possessions.

5. Will they help with any size move?

Size shouldn’t matter. Whether you are unloading a van or moving offices, your moving company should always be equipped for the task at hand. Whether or not they take on any job, regardless of size, shows how dedicated they are to serving you, no matter the contract amount.

6. Read Online reviews

Use sites like, Google and Yelp to read reviews for how customers found their experience with their moving company. Look for reviews that detail what is important to you: customer service, timeliness, hard-working, carefulness, cost. For best practices, read all the reviews, not just the good or bad ones, gives you a summary of how they have treated customers in the past and insight to how you will be treated in the future.

7. What moving packages do they offer?

Ask about moving packages. Professionals should be equipped to handle any of your moving needs. Consider how your future movers can handle multiple rooms, storage, large or bulky items and packing services. This is good tip in case you need to call upon these services at a moment’s notice. That’s why you should make sure your movers can also handle these services.

8. Does the moving company own their equipment?

Whether or not a moving company owns their equipment is a great way to figure out if a moving company is reliable and determine if they can help resolve future potential problems before they arise. If a company owns their own equipment they always have access to their materials, so they are more flexible to perform tasks for you. When companies don’t own their own equipment, they might take on a job they are not fit for. This might result in scrambling for equipment, inability to perform the job at certain hours or days, and lack of competency with your moving job. All the above means more time wasted, more stress and more of your money.