Ogden, Utah Named One of the Best Places to Retire

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Ogden, Utah was named one of the happiest places in the United States to retire to. Taking into account things like the cost of living, healthcare and things to do in the area, it ranked amongst other towns like Wilmington, North Carolina and Fredericksburg, Texas.

This may not be a surprise as the state of Utah was even ranked as the second happiest state in the nation in 2020. With things like low crime rate and low divorce rate, it was ranked just behind Hawaii.

Ogden is a great option for those who are retired or are looking to retire. With beautiful mountain scenery and endless options of things to do from shopping to dining to skiing to hiking, those looking for a place to keep them busy and take in nature will find Ogden a great place to retire to.

Ogden has been recognized as an ideal place to live if you are someone who is retired or looking to retire. Parade has named Ogden, Utah as one of the top 5 happiest places to retire to in the United States. Some of the other cities included Fredericksburg, Texas, Wilmington, North Carolina and Charlottesville, Virginia.

So you may be wondering what makes these cities so great and how do you determine a city to be happy. Well, they took into consideration a couple of things when it comes to ranking what makes a place a good one to retire in and what makes it a happy place. The three aspects they took into account when deciding what counts as a happy place to retire are:

  • Money: This took into account the affordability in terms of cost of living and the cost of taxes.
  • Health: This is considering the type of medical and health facilities that are in the area.
  • Relationships: This looks at what places and events are offered in the town for social life.

These are considered major decision factors when it comes to deciding where to live and Ogden ranked highly in all three. The city is known for being abundant in things to do there and offers beautiful scenery all around you.

No matter what you may enjoy doing from hiking and biking to shopping and dining, Ogden has plenty of options for all to enjoy.

About Ogden, Utah

Ogden Welcome Sign in Front of Mountain
Photo Courtesy of Flickr.

Ogden is a little less than 40 miles north of Salt Lake City, Utah and is a part of Weber County. Weber county is the state’s 4th largest county overall. Ogden itself is home to around 90,000 permanent residents.

The city of Ogden is home to an abundance of outdoor activities to keep you busy in every season. For those who are retired or are looking to retire but still want an active lifestyle, Ogden is a great option.

One great benefit to living in Ogden also, is that the cost of living is relatively low. The cost of living is below the national average in all aspects and while the median home price is average for the United States, it is still lower than the state of Utah’s average.

As mentioned before, another big appeal of Ogden, and also a huge draw for many to Utah, is the immense amount of options when it comes to outdoor activities. In the winter, the most popular destinations in Ogden would be their ski resorts.

The three major ski resorts here include Snowbasin, Wolf Mountain and Powder Mountain. Powder Mountain is the most well-known out of the three and has more acreage than any other ski resort in the United States. The city also offers virtually any kind of winter activity from tubing to snowmobiling and so much more.

If winter activities are not your thing, the city has hundreds of miles of trails available to those looking to hike, bike or ride horses. Ogden also has many stores and dining options to choose from.

Utah Named Second Happiest State in 2020

Monument Valley in Utah
Monument Valley in Utah (Photo Courtesy of Flickr).

Utah as a state was also ranked highly in happiness. According to WalletHub, Utah was ranked number 2 for overall happiness out of all the states in the United States. This was ranked off of 32 key metrics that ranged from depression rates to lowest divorce rate to safety. All of these metrics taken into account, Utah was ranked second, just behind Hawaii.

Some of the metrics that Utah was ranked the best on was for having the lowest divorce rate, fewest work hours and highest volunteer rate. The 32 metrics had been divided out from three overarching categories: emotional & physical wellbeing, work environment and community & environment.

Utah also came in at number 4 for the safest state. This makes sense as crime rates in Utah are 35% lower than the national average. It was also mentioned that Ogden is ranked in the top ten of safest cities in Utah.

With a wide variety of outdoor activities, as mentioned before, all throughout the state, and in places like Ogden who have such easy access to the mountains and outdoor trails, the state is known to attract lovers of the outdoors. Utah is also able to give you the best of all four seasons, though spring and fall may be short, Utah has much to offer in both summer and winter.

Why You Should Move to Ogden

Ogden, Utah is a great option when it comes to those looking for the best retirement destinations. The city is safer than the national average and offers so many things to do whether that be exploring the outdoors, shopping or learning about historic events, it has something for everyone.

It is easy to see why they named Ogden one of the happiest places to retire in the United States. With the state itself being the second happiest in the nation as of 2020, Ogden is simply living up to the title.

If you are someone who is looking to retire or has already retired but are still looking to keep themselves busy with their newfound free time, Ogden gives you an abundance of options to choose from to find what interests you and maybe start some new hobbies. Plus, with a lower cost of living than some of the bigger cities in Utah and low crime rate, you can get more for your money and feel safe in Ogden.

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