Three Alternatives to Two Men and a Truck Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City Utah Two Men and a Truck is the biggest moving company in the industry with over 380 franchisees worldwide and over 3,000 trucks on the road.

If you are looking to hire a moving company for your next move in the Salt Lake City area, consider hiring an independent, family-owned and operated moving company. Choosing a company like this over a franchise company like Two Men and a Truck can make a huge difference in having a moving process that is more personal and provides high-quality customer service along with it.

If you would be more interested in working with a local, family and independently owned moving company, here are three alternatives to hiring Two Men and A Truck:

Two Man Movers & Storage- Address: 1030 W. 2610 South Salt Lake City, UT 84119 / Phone Number: (801) 924-1564 / Website:

A1 Pioneer Moving & Storage- Address: 2001 Warm Springs Rd Salt Lake City, UT 84116 / Phone Number: (801) 328-4796 / Website:

Wright Moving- Address: 535 S Main St Heber City, UT / Phone Number: (435) 315-3042 / Website:

Personal, Quality Customer Service

The local moving companies mentioned above are either family-owned, independently-owned or both. By hiring a family or independently-owned moving company, you will receive moving services that are a step above Two Men and a Truck.

Family and independently owned moving companies have invested in their brand and making it their own, so they are dedicated to providing the best of the best when it comes to moving and storage services.

With these kinds of local moving companies, they are not operating as a franchise owner who ultimately represents a worldwide brand.

These local moving companies offer the same services, if not more than, you will find at Two Men and a Truck. From local moving to long-distance moving to specialty moving to short and long-term storage options, working with a family or independently-owned moving company will provide you with a personal moving experience where they aim to treat you like family.

Years of Experience Moving in Salt Lake City

move done by Two Man Movers

Although Two Men and a Truck mention on their website that they have over 35 years of experience in the moving industry, the catch is, that this does not mean that the specific location you choose to go with also has that kind of experience to back up their services. While one franchise may be owned by someone with moving experience, another may not have much at all.

When you work with local moving companies, such as the ones previously mentioned, they can guarantee that they have decades of experience that goes into every move, not only that this also means they have moving experience specifically in the Salt Lake City area.

There are so many advantages that come along with this. Local, family or independently-owned moving companies fully understand the challenges of moving in Salt Lake City because they have the experience to back up their expertise. They will know the best routes to get you moved in or out of Salt Lake City quickly, any parking or building regulations that may come along with the area you are moving in or out of and may also have connections to other local businesses.

These businesses are locals who know the area and know how to get you moved, quickly and safely, and as you will see on their websites they are very involved in the community.

Why You Should Hire a Local Moving Company Over Two Men and a Truck

In most states across the United States, you will find that Two Men and a Truck shows up as the first result when searching for “Movers Near Me”. What this does not mean though, is that they are ultimately the best choice for your move.

Choosing to work with local, family-owned and/or independently owned moving companies like Two Man Movers & Storage, A1 Pioneer Moving & Storage or Wright Moving, can give you a moving experience that is personal and high-quality from people who live and work and raise their families in Salt Lake City.