8 Expert Moving Tips from Salt Lake City Movers

Change is the new constant, and the one who doesn’t change with time stays behind. Life is unpredictable, and you never know what will happen in even the next second. It could either be a new job or a job transfer, an emotional urge to stay closer to family, to buy or live in a new home, or explore a new place.

Whatever the reason, you will have to plan a perfect move to enjoy the few days left before you move. Plan your move a couple of months before the moving day to get the best moving company deals and end up saving money. 

Here are 8 expert moving tips that will help you to plan your moving process with ease: 

  1. Create a Moving Plan 
  2. Arrange for Travel
  3. Use Up Perishable Food
  4. Change Address 
  5. Donate Items & Get Rid of Junk 
  6. Gather Boxes and Packing Supplies 
  7. Get Estimate from Movers 
  8. Deep Clean your New Place 

It’s always a good idea to have a solid moving plan in place. Get all the expert moving tips and checklists to organize a perfect moving plan. Ensure you have everything before the packing day, from bubble wraps, cardboard boxes, and packing tape. You don’t want to run out of packing materials at the last moment.

Creating a Moving Plan

A list will help you organize your thoughts and save time. It should be made a few months in advance of your move day. You will then know what needs to be done and when. Make sure to give yourself some free time to relax between the tasks.

People helping you with the move can also refer to the list to be on the same page as you. Prioritize the tasks according to the order they should be done before moving. Create a list of valuable items to ensure you’re not leaving anything behind. 

Arrange for Travel 

For long-distance movers, first, decide the mode of travel and start booking in advance for reasonable prices. For example, if you plan to buy plane tickets, plan well before the two-month mark, so you get a good ticket deal. If you are driving to a new place, know the routes and places to rest in between the journey. Before starting the journey, search for gas stations, rest areas, restaurants and route options. 

Use Up Perishable Food 

Scan the cupboards and the fridge to make sure you’re aware know all the perishable food. Check for all the expiration dates before your moving day. Put together some menus and find creative ways to use up the food. For example, invite friends over for a pantry-clearing party and offer takeaways at the end.

If you are busy with the move and don’t have time to organize a party, you can also pack up all the food for the local shelter near you. Keep in mind that most people only accept unopened food. 

Update your Address

It’s always lovely to receive greeting cards, wedding invites, or simply a letter from your loved ones. However, you can save yourself some hassle by changing your address two weeks before your move and notifying all your friends, family, and others who send you mail. In addition, you can give a heads up about your new home to the post office, tax agencies, gas and electric, phone, cable, and internet agencies. Home or renters’ insurance, your employer, your bank and credit card company, loan providers, insurance providers and whoever you engage with daily. 

Donate Items & Get Rid of Junk

You don’t have to throw things away that others can use. For example, throwing away a jacket that doesn’t fit you anymore is not neighborly but giving it to a needy who could use it to stay warm.

There are a thousand ways to donate, and you need to decide whether you can offer or not. First, check out all the nonprofits near you and find out what they need. Then, choose a charity and drop your items off. 

The rule of thumb: If you haven’t used it in a year, it probably is of no use and doesn’t have any sentimental value, so think of getting rid of it. It is always hard to let go of things that you have had for a while, but it’s just going to occupy space in your cupboard and nothing else. 

Gather Boxes and Packing Supplies

It would help if you had boxes and packing supplies. Some movers also provide free supplies. Get bubble wrap, packing paper, packing foam, plastic wrap, garbage bags, stretch wraps, packing taps and tie-down straps for packing your items.

Start with non-essential and heavy objects like dresser drawers to have ample time to pack other things. Look for tips and tricks online to pack fragile items to avoid breakage. Sign a color to each room and color code all the boxes to decide priority and storage. 

Get Estimate from Movers 

Include choosing a mover in your moving checklist. Research a little about moving companies near you before selecting one. You’ll regret it down the road if you realize you chose the most expensive mover simply because you were lazy to do your research.

It’s advised to get at least three moving estimates for price comparison and benefits before making up your mind. Then, find one that can fit both your needs and budget

Deep Clean your New Place

Before as well as after moving to your new house, you should deep clean it or get it professionally cleaned at least once. Many bacteria live with you in the house, so you’ll have to start with disinfecting the bathrooms, kitchen, bedroom, and living room. While you are moving in, there will be a lot of shoes coming in and going out. Deep clean the house thoroughly to avoid getting sick. 

Final Thoughts

Above are a few tips that can help you plan your move better. You will also find free advice online, but do what works best for you. There is no best plan for a move; whatever fits your time and budget is the best way to go forward. You can get many packing tips and moving hacks online, so don’t worry and start packing for your move.