Tips on Moving from Utah to Sacramento

From the moment you know you will be moving to another state, how to plan will continuously run in the back of your head. It would help if you dedicated some time early to planning your whole process as inter-state moves are challenging. Long-distance moves are complex and require a lot of know-how, so hire a company that customizes moving services to fit your needs.

My experience in the moving industry has taught me many things. The moving process includes more than just loading, packing, moving and unloading items. We must consider the weather, traffic, and best routes to make a move run smoothly.

I have put together a list of tips to help you move from Utah to Sacramento. Moving, in general, involves a lot of moving parts, and we want to make sure that you have the basics covered. These tips will help you choose your moving company, declutter, pack your belongings, and navigate the complex moving process.

Tips on Choosing A Sacramento Moving Company

No matter how great your moving plan is, it is hampered without a top-rated mover. You will need an experienced mover to execute your moving plan. The more people move, the more they are aware of the importance of choosing the right professional mover.

The first step in a move is planning. One of the most challenging steps in planning a move is choosing a moving company. There are a ton of movers in business today who can move you from Utah to Sacramento, but the point here is: Who is best for you?

Not everyone will handle your move or customize services to fit your needs. The following are a few suggestions you would want to consider when choosing a moving company to help you move from Utah to Sacramento:

  1. License Numbers: You should look for their moving license. You will be looking for a USDOT number at the bottom of their website page for long-distance moves.
  2. Insurance: You can visit the Federal Movers Database and enter their USDOT number to get more information regarding the company, such as important insurance info.
  3. Google Reviews: Read all the reviews, and consider the ones related to your type of move. Try to avoid companies with old or sparse reviews.
  4. Certifications: Many companies receive a certificate from a trusted 3rd-party company for excellent customer service. For example, look for companies with the ProMover accreditation from the American Trucking Association: Moving & Storage Conference.
  5. National Van Line Affiliation: Choose a moving company that is an interstate agent of a national van line like Bekins or Wheaton or Allied. They will be best positioned to undertake your move with experience and speed.

Consider the above tips to choose the best moving company. Whether you are moving from California to Utah or vice versa, these tips will help you choose the right mover.

UT to CA Moving Tips

Moving to a new state is like starting over again. Therefore, you would want to consider the following things while moving to California from Utah.

  1. Select a moving company
  2. Update your address
  3. Apply for your California driver’s license
  4. Apply for the car insurance policy for California
  5. Take care of your finance-related work
  6. Prepare for California taxes
  7. If you have children, then look for schools
  8. If you have pets, then find vets near your new house
  9. Make a list of things you want to move, sell and donate
  10. Declutter your home to cut down on items to be packed
  11. Gather packing materials
  12. Start packing items you won’t need until you move into your new house
  13. Use up all the perishable food and donate non-perishable food to the needy
  14. Pack everything before your moving date
  15. Make a list of all the valuable possessions


The above tips will help you plan a good move from Utah to California. In addition, you will have to consider the median home price, traffic in metro areas, cost of living and the dry continental climate when moving to California.

But you will get a chance to visit many national parks and enjoy all the fresh produce grown in California. In addition, there are many excellent higher educational opportunities in California.

Decide what type of clothes you will need as soon as you reach California. Pack them separately and make sure you can access them as soon as you reach your new location. Plan the move early and leave the packing, loading, moving, unloading and unpacking to an experienced moving company.

Final Thoughts

If you’re moving from Utah to Sacramento. You’ll need the help of an expert moving company that is an interstate agent of a major van line that can move your items without you going through the hassle. Decades of moving experience from a reliable moving company can help you to make your move smooth and relaxing so you can focus on the important things that you will need to do after moving to California.